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Would you like to meet friendly people in a low-pressure, fun setting? are you local to Dublin?
Join us at Speed Friending where you can easily and efficiently meet people who are also looking for friends.

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The event schedule
7:00 – 7:30 Check-in (you need to arrive within the first half hour) we will also have games that encourage you to mingle. [note 1] 7:30 – 9:00 The main event rotations. You will be paired with a partner, you chat with them for a few minutes, and then you rotate to meet a new partner and repeat. [note 2] 9:00: Prize draw and the event ends and the friendships begin. This is where attendees can exchange contact details, have food/drinks with their new friends, and make plans to meet or communicate in the future. [note 3]

Ticket Price
€15 Early Bird Ticket
€20 Pre-Event Ticket
€25 Last Minute Online or Cash/Card at the door

Your ticket price includes
Mingling Games, the Speed Friending Main Event, raffle tickets for great prizes like a meal for two in a local restaurant or tickets for two to a local event and the option to stay after the event to socialise with your new friends.

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  • 2 of 2 When you attend an event – at the event you can request a discount code. Using the code will enable you to register on this site for 1 euro. You must use the code quickly as it expires 48 hours after the event.

If you are worried about attending a Speed Friending event for the first time? Many other attendees are first-timers too and the worry only lasts about 2 minuets, that is until you realise most others are exactly the same as you i.e. nice people looking to meet other nice people. If you have any questions please contact the organiser or email us at manager@speedfriending.net or for more information on event details and policies, please see below.

How the event speed friending works –The idea is that Speed Friending is an icebreaker for attendees. The first half hour will be devoted to Check-In and Mingling Games. When the Main Event begins, you will sit in a chair across from a partner. Your partner may be a woman or a man (unless you are attending a single gender event). You and your partner will have a few minutes to get to know each other, usually by talking/asking questions. When the time is up, the group will rotate and you will meet a new partner, and repeat the getting to know each other conversation. Too keep the ‘speed’ in Speed Friending we need to keep the event moving along, so you should only exchange contact information when the Main Event portion is over. There will be a short comfort break in the middle of the 90-minute Main Event.

After the Main Event period, the raffle will be drawn and attendees can then exchange contact information, socialise, have food and drinks together, basically have a good memorable time hanging out. The post-event social time gives you plenty of time to ask someone for their contact details or to let them know that you will be contacting them through the speedfriending.net site. You also have the chance to naturally get to know people and catch anyone that you were not able to meet in the rotations.

Good questions to ask the other attendees –Think about what you would really want to understand about someone you are trying to get to know. We recommend taking advantage of the time to ask questions like how they spend their free time, what they are seeking in a friend, what they like most about themselvs, etc.

Do you need to bring any thing to the event? – Bring a pen/pencil and a paper or note with about 5 questions ready that you would want to ask your new potential friends. If you forget to prepare questions, don’t worry, we can provide supplies and suggested questions at the event.

Late arrival policy – Please arrive within the first half hour of the event. If you arrive after the half hour Check-In period, we may not be able to include you in the event as late arrivals tend to disrupt rotations and distract participants. If you have pre-purchased a ticket and arrive after rotations have begun, we will not be able to credit your ticket. This rule is in place to provide the highest quality experience to those that arrive on time.

Is speed friending successful? – Our average attendees finds 4 friends and 2 dates. Look at out our website to see the great things real attendees have said about their Speed Friending experience. Attendees often meet more people seeking friends in two hours at Speed Friending than they can in a year at bars/local events/online. It’s a self-selecting friendly crowd with a giant, relaxed group icebreaker activity. Will finding friends ever be easier than this?

Dress code: Casual

Prizes – We raffle off Meals for two, Speed Friending passes, two-person tickets to local events like comedy clubs, and other surprise items like gift cards to local venues.

Finding us – We are generally in a private or partly-private room. The host will be wearing a name-badge and or be recognizable from their profile picture. If you do not see a group of people wearing name badges, ask the venue staff to direct you to the Speed Friending event.

No-Show and Ticket Credit Policy – Ticket purchases are non-refundable. However, we understand that life happens. If you have purchased a ticket and will be unable to attend the event, email your organiser manager@speedfriending.net at least 24 hours prior to the event and we will issue you a credit to a future event of a similar type. If you do not notify your host at least 24 hours prior to the event and/or do not attend, you forfeit your ticket.

We actively encourage prepayment as we work hard to create great events where attendees can make meaningful and lasting connections. Prepayment lowers the chance that an event gets cancelled due to low ticket sales it also reduces the chance that you will not be able to participate because an event is sold-out.

Additional guidance/notes refereed to in the top section

Note 1 – Arriving on time enables you to be more relaxed for the session as you will not be rushing and you get an early start lighily mingling with the others via the ice-barker games.

Note 2 – Try to get the most out of the session by knowing what you want to know about the person sitting opposite you. Try not to make the questions it sound like an interview, it should feel like a natural conversation.

Note 3 – Cautious persons may not want to give their full details out until they are sure that its not a bad idea. So you could communicate via speedfriending.net, meet at future events organised by speedfriending.net, have a separate handset/phone for social friends that you don’t know very well.

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