How it works

These are social group coaching sessions, you will be encouraged to have fun where possible whilst you play. The first few mins may be devoted to worm-up exercises. The organiser will lead all sessions. The organiser Has more than 10 years experience playing/coaching tennis but is not a qualified coach. These sessions are for beginners only. Sessions will be structured – with a end goal of enabling students to:

• Primary – serve, rally and score.

• Secondly – Take part in drills and skills sessions.

• Thirdly – Use of skills and tactics to enable attendees to play competitively.

To have the best experience attendees will need to play outside of these sessions to en-grain the skills/tactics  learned. Attendees will be encouraged to get to know each other and play together where possible without the organiser being present. Please see the finding a partner section below.

This session is largely devoted to drills, skills and tournaments all of which is lead by the organiser.

Dependent on the number of attendees we will have a series of sessions/drills focused on particular skills or the organiser may request a certain tactic to be exercised in a co-operative structured way. If time allows we will also have competitive game play sessions that enable a tournament.

Lessons may involve one or many of the following at an advanced level:

• Warm-up exercises

• Forehand and back hand flat strokes

• Forehand and back hand top-spin strokes

• Dynamic foot work

• Cardio exercises and tennis-centric motion

• Volleys

• Service technique

• How to play a proper game of doubles or singles

• Various skills (e.g. returning the serve, passing shots, at the net, lob, exploiting an opponents weakness, keeping the game in play and moving your opponent).

Payment all payments need to be made in advance either via the payment link or in cash the first time you attend. Refunds are not made but if you miss a session and give more than 48 hours notice you can book another session with the same credit. Where the appropriate notice is not given your payment will be foregone. Costs for these social sessions will usually be 10 euro (per person/per hour) including court fees. Private lessons can also be booked please contact the organiser for more information.


You must agree with this to attend. Your health and safety is at your own risk, the council maintain the courts to a good standard but you need to ensure that you take appropriate safety measures e.g. ware the correct attire and take care in how you act/play so as not to harm yourself. If you are new to the sport or unfit you may experience a little stiffness after sessions.

Please keep your RSVP up-to-date, no-shows that have not communicated with the organiser may be removed from the group.

Finding a partner to play with:

For beginners – we have a Whats App Group that you can join it will enable you to find others at your level.

For improvers and intermediate and advanced players – we gave WhatsApp groups that you can join which are based on ITF rankings. Just send the organiser a text message with your full name and ITF Ranking to be placed in that group. You will then be able to find and play others at your level.


Please join our Facebook Group too:

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